An analysis of karl marxs opinion on superstructure and the base and cohens views on it

The epidemic of unemployment, homelessness, crushing debt and extreme social inequality that has turned a whole generation into pariahs has undermined the family and created a nightmare of systemic poverty, hopelessness, degradation and despair.

What we think of as human nature has undergone many changes in the course of human evolution.

Base and Superstructure: Definition, Features and Active Role

However, pushing matters deeper, in an argument reinvented by innumerable critics of liberalism, Marx argues that not only is political emancipation insufficient to bring about human emancipation, it is in some sense also a barrier. The education system, as part of the superstructure, therefore, was a reflection of the economic base and served to reproduce it.

Marx was struck by the enormous inequalities this system of production created. The poorest 50 percent of Americans own just 2. But by doing this we reinforce the very structures that oppress us.

Now it is apparent that this renders historical materialism consistent. The mode of production in ma terial life determines the general character of the social, political and spiritual processes of life.

Roubini argues that the chain of credit is broken, and that capitalism has entered into a vicious cycle where excess capacity overproductionfalling consumer demand, high levels of debt all breed a lack of confidence in investors that in turn will be reflected in sharp falls on the stock exchange, falling asset prices and a collapse in the real economy.

The proletarians use their own methods. For that purpose it is necessary to enter into the discussion of basis and superstructure.

Yet there are difficulties. The richest one per cent of the US population increased its share of the national income from That is what the cannibals, the Egyptian priests, Marie Antoinette and Tsar Nicolas all fervently believed.

So far has this idea sunk into consciousness that it has even been carried into the realm of non-human evolution.

Karl Marx and education

By an enlightened philanthropist like Owen who can miraculously break through the chain of determination which ties down everyone else? All of a sudden, the economic theories of Karl Marx are being taken very seriously indeed.

No standing army or police force, but the armed people. This denial of progress in history is characteristic of the psychology of the bourgeoisie in the phase of capitalist decline.

But the state and religion will both be transcended when a genuine community of social and economic equals is created. The same view has been expressed by Engels in his letter to Starkenburg.

Unfortunately, there is not the slightest chance of capitalism recovering its youthful vigour. Similarly the new economic system or base does not forthwith invalidate or reject the old superstructure. On this account new economic structures begin through experiment, but thrive and persist through their success in developing the productive forces.

His effort to appease these, leads to primitive nature worship. It simply meant that the institutions of society, like education, were reflections of the world created by human activity and that ideas arose from and reflected the material conditions and circumstances in which they were generated.Marx maintained that the economic base or infrastructure generated or had built upon it a superstructure that kept it functioning.

The education system, as part of the superstructure, therefore, was a reflection of the economic base and served to reproduce it. For Marx this mismatch between base and superstructure is a major source of social disruption and conflict.

The history of the means of production, then, is the substructure of history, and everything else, including ideological arguments about that history, constitutes a superstructure.

Oct 03,  · The antidote to marxist literary criticism views marx theory textetcinternet encyclopedia of philosophy. but must 17 may a 10 12 minute analysis on marxist literary criticism, its key.

A second significant problem with the base/superstructure distinction is the inability to theoretically separate the base from the superstructure, and the inferiority of the term 'relations of production' to describe clearly what it is that constitutes the base.

Karl Marx was born on May 5, in the German city of Trier. His family was Jewish but later converted to Protestantism in in order to avoid anti-semitic laws and persecution. For this reason among others, Marx rejected religion early on in his youth and made it absolutely clear that he was an atheist.

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An analysis of karl marxs opinion on superstructure and the base and cohens views on it
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