Globalization of the nba

The dynamic aspect of their dynasty run during the early s was their international core of players that led them to success. He had already established CNN International, and his international sports event, the Goodwill Games, a friendly competition between America and the Soviet Union in You can learn more about Barrett Merrill via Linkedin at http: And, when it comes to globalization in the world of sports, the National Basketball Association as a whole has proven itself as the fastest diversifying professional league in the US.

As a result Chinese interest in basketball reached an all time high and so a new market was born for the NBA. Not only are they playing for themselves, but also the betterment and advancement of an entire nation.

Does a Globalized NBA Need Its Stars in Beijing?

This marks the fifth consecutive season that opening-night rosters feature at least international players and that all 30 teams have at least one international player. Exhibition games between NBA teams and international teams have become more commonplace.

On the playoff rosters 16 teams 60 foreign players hailed from 28 countries and 9 international players ultimately played in the finals Globalization of the nba, 1. Where are we going? His hope is to establish a European Division within the NBA, that would make international competition a formality of the league.

It signified that the spurs were a team already knee deep in the new era of globalization. Globalization of Basketball This paper seeks to look at the sport of basketball as one cultural benchmark to measure globalization.

Worldwide expansion will be a great move for the NFL once all of the logistics are figured out and the team is fielded.

The Globalization of the NFL

Individual players, mainly Michael Jordan, were heavily promoted and became pop culture icons As part of the NBA. Cultural Expansion The culture of the sport has become a global phenomenon, with fans in every country voraciously consuming anything and everything basketball. Through this international exposure, the NBA can sell that much more merchandise, to a much wider audience.

Michael Jordan, however, was the answer. We are seeing a global shift in where basketball talent is playing. The record for international players and record for countries and territories represented 42 were set at the start of the and seasons, respectively.

The broadcasts may provide a more in-depth cultural look at US cities where games are played and teach viewers such important facts such as: Simply put more fans equal more league wide revenue, as each new fan will be a new consumer through ticket purchases, concessions and league paraphernalia. Pau Gasol needs 15 points to pass David Robinson 20, points for 38th place on the all-time scoring list and points to pass Bob Pettit 20, points for 37th place on the all-time scoring list.

But we had a good time and they were so superior about it. The numbers can speak for themselves. And now, they have the chance to do so and be more involved. The games would need to not be scheduled at the same time as soccer events held during the same time of year.

There is not telling how this government policy may someday alter the global landscape of the sport.

Professional teams face four major challenges in the future

Nowitzki will set an NBA record for most seasons played with one team 21breaking a tie with Kobe Bryant, who spent 20 seasons with the Los Angeles Lakers.

There were not only three players from Australia between the two teams, but also players from Russia, Canada, Brazil, Nigeria, and Bosnia and Herzegovina, with many of them being starters.

Log in here Comment on this item Submission of reader comments is restricted to NY Sun sustaining members only. This was a huge success. And, when it comes to globalization in the world of sports, the National Basketball Association as a whole has proven itself as the fastest diversifying professional league in the US.

Jordan became bigger than the sport This blog post was written by Samford University student Drew Patterson. This interconnectedness will only increase over time. In addition to Stern, a company called Nike also saw what Michael Jordan could financially mean to global culture through the context of basketball.

Likewise, during this same period, NBA franchises have seen dramatic increases in their overall values the Washington Wizards were sold for million dollars ineven though Forbes estimated the team to be worth millionwhich can also be attributed to the global importance of the game.

This blog was written by Samford University student Barrett Merrill.The National Basketball Association (NBA) was formed in which was a merger of the National Basketball league formed in and the Basketball Association of America formed in The National Basketball Association (NBA) is arguably the pioneer and model of sports globalization.

Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Phantom Calls: Race and the Globalization of the NBA at Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. 24 Grant Farred, Phantom Calls: Race and the Globalization of the NBA (Chicago: Prickly Paradigm Press, ), Wimmer In this way, despite the labeling of international players as "soft," they provide a sense of comfort, as a reminder and example of how the game "should be played.".

Dec 11,  · The NBA draft proved to be historical in the context of the global game for 2 reasons. First when the Houston Rockets drafted China native Yao Ming as the first overall pick in the NBA draft it confirmed many peoples’ belief that globalization was the future of the NBA.

It would be ironic if the globalization that Stern and the NBA has been promoting the last decade or so is the cause of an eventual exodus from the NBA that would even the playing ground and challenge the NBA’s dominance on every front.

NBA China and the Globalization of Basketball The National Basketball Association is a popular league in the United States. Some consider it to be the most popular league over the NFL, MLB, NHL, and MLS.

Globalization of the nba
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