Haulage business plan pdf

Because of the constraints such as traffic congestion on the road, mechanical faults, etc one could experience a little hiccup. Goods that are Usually Carried Include: Because most all of the silicon chips are transported through the U.

It is costly; hence it is usually purchased by leasing companies or banks and rent out to quarry companies. You should look around you for competent automobile repair companies or technicians who can handle repairs of your vehicles.

Work out your Contractual agreement Depending on the agreement you have with the haulage company, some of them would manage your Truck for you, employ the Driver and a motor boy and help you do all the major and minor repairs.

You can also buy a Trailer head and refurbish the engine to standard; in total, it can cost you between N3 to N3. Here, you will also enjoy the benefits that come with sub-contracting with a multinational or manufacturing company.

Helping the producers to reduce the content of the warehouse. The quarry breaker is the equipment used. This is a small, specialized, niche of the general freight brokerage industry.

If you do not have enough funds to start and would like to haulage business plan pdf other financing options, you should first consider your credit-worthiness and eligibility for borrowed funding and whether you have collateral security for the funds you wish to borrow.

A good tipper cost between N4Million to N5Million naira and you are entitled to about N, in a month; if you can give your tipper to a manager to manage for you. The term operating lease encompasses the short-term hire of equipment such as Trailers, motorcars, barges or boats.

The first is the Internet. If you are to start haulage, will it be long distance haulage or short haulage? Sometimes accidents may occur, cases of thefts may arise, dishonest drivers may even divert the goods elsewhere and this would lead to a huge debt on the part of the haulage company.

In Progress Establishing business relationship with key players in the industry networking and membership of relevant organizations and chambers of commerce: Quarry Breaking This involves the use of heavy equipment to break mass deposit quarry into smaller granite sizes.

The Income Analysis The port management services expects a trucker to go at least two trips of dispatching containers to allocated bonded terminals outside the ports. You would be carrying expensive merchandize which do not belong to you and would have to be conveyed to its destination safely.

Starting a Trucking Company – Sample Business Plan Template

Starting a Trucking Company Haulage — Nigeria as a Case Study Transport business in Nigeria is as old as the nation itself and there is no doubt that those in the business have been known to have contributed in no small way to the economic development of the country.

SFB is concentrating on this space for several reasons: The silicon chip industry is continuing to grow as our dependence on technology increases. Your management team must be experienced in the transport industry; especially with truck management. Pay loader is capital intensive and as a result many investors ignore it, but it is a money spinning investment.

The company will manage all your trucks as well as the process of hiring and paying drivers. But, with proper management, the haulage service is a high yielding investment enterprise. But before I go into the details of starting a trucking business, I want to emphatically state that the information provided in this article does not in any way replace the need for you to conduct a feasibility studywrite a trucking business plan for your trucking business and do your own due diligence.

Pay loader is capital intensive and as a result many investors ignore it, but it is a money spinning investment. Trucking Company Business Plan — Publicity and Advertising Strategy Any business that wants to grow beyond the corner of the street they are operating must be ready and willing to utilize every available means conventional and non — conventional means to advertise and promote the business.

There are two ways with which you can get your trucks; you can either purchase them outright or get them on lease. Or will you go into the haulage of both solid and liquid products?Haulage involves the movement of goods by both rail and road, but since the collapse of rail system in Nigeria, road haulage has taken the lead.

This sample business proposal and haulage business plan will assist you in planning and starting your haulage business in Nigeria.

Business Plan Template for a Transport Company. For Later. save. Related. Info. Embed. Share. Search. Business Plan Manual PDF. Practical Daydreaming. Management Training for Integrated Services Course 4.

Documents Similar To Business Plan Template for a Transport Company/5(26). Executive Summary Business Plan Pro Sample Mike's Trucking Service is a Dallas, TX based trucking company that aims to be one of the largest trucking companies in the USA.

As it stands, the trucking industry is one of the biggest businesses in the world. In fact, in the United States alone, the trucking industry produces over billion dollars of revenue a year. In Nigeria, haulage business and even logistics is a billion dollar business with an insatiable market.

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A Sample Trucking Company Business Plan Template

Freight Brokerage Business Plan Executive Summary: Silicon Freight Brokers (SFB) is a specialized freight broker service located in Hood River, OR. The company has been set up as an Oregon C Corporation by the owner, Steve Tookarefol.

Give your transportation business a leg up on the competition by writing a winning business plan. Get a head start by checking out these sample business plans for the airline and aviation industry, trucking, freight, taxi and limousine services.

Haulage business plan pdf
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