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Among bipolar patients taking anticonvulsants, those on lamotrigine have a better cognitive profile than those on carbamazepine, valproate, topiramate, and zonisamide. There are also suggestions that lamotrigine may exert a neuroprotective effect Wiard et al ; Trojnar et alalthough confirmatory evidence is wanting.

Valproate is especially helpful for patients who are lithium noncompliant, experience rapid cycling, or have comorbid alcohol or drug abuse. During depressive periods, patient can experience a wide range of feelings and emotions, such as sadness, feeling of loneliness, indifference, loss not only of interest to life, but appetite as well.

Lamotrigine appears to hold two specific advantages among the bipolar pharmacotherapies in tolerability terms, namely its apparent lack of adverse effects on weight Sachs et al and cognitive functions. Use of these drugs is often necessary because the response to them are rapid, but there are risks involved in their use.

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The diagnosis of bipolar type 2 is based on careful observation on mental disorders and mood patterns of patients by highly experienced doctors. Bipolar affective disorder affects approximately one percent of the population approximately three million people in the United States.

There are other effective treatments for bipolar disorder that are used in cases where he patients cannot tolerate lithium or have been unresponsive to it in the past. In addition to the mentioned medical treatments of bipolar disorder, there are several other options available to bipolar patients, most of which are used in conjunction with medicine.

This limited evidence base stands favorably in the area of bipolar depression treatment, which is marked by a paucity of safe and efficacious treatment options. A final type of therapy that I found is outpatient group psychotherapy. Bipolar disorder typically develops in late adolescence or early adulthood.

In a majority of bipolar patients, it lessens the duration, frequency, and severity of the episodes of both mania and depression. Olanzapine compared to lithium in mania: Patient-focused perspectives Quality of life is an important consideration for any treatment decision, and encompasses the aspects of treatment efficacy, safety and tolerability, including the evaluation of seemingly trivial drug effects that may cause enduring functional impairment.

In a majority of bipolar patients, it lessens the duration, frequency, and severity of the episodes of both mania and depression.

Such doctors can carefully note symptoms of a patient including their severity, length and frequency of occurrence. Support your response with evidence and references to the Learning Resources. Because of the often-severe side effects, Benzodiazepines are often used in their place.

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Association with grade I hypothyroidism. History has shown that this affliction can appear in almost anyone. The Assignment Examine Case Study: Its main function is to stabilize the cycling characteristic of bipolar disorder.

Bipolar Disorder

Prospective multicenter study of pregnancy outcome after lithium exposure during the first trimester. Speech patterns help distinguish between the two disorders Lish, Mania may be present with four or more distinct episodes within a 12 month period.

Speech patterns help distinguish between the two disorders Lish, There is weaker support for its efficacy in acute bipolar I depression, refractory unipolar and bipolar depression, and rapid cycling illness. Even the great painter Vincent Van Gogh is believed to have had bipolar disorder.

Patients were free of psychotropic and hypnotic medications for at least one month before treatment. Rapid cycling mania is another presentation of bipolar disorder. SSL Essay Paper on Bipolar Disorder Among numerous illnesses that exist nowadays in the world and make a large number of people suffer every day, the bipolar disorder, better known under its old name, manic-depressive illness, is considered to be one of the difficult mental diseases.

Speech is generally rapid and hyperactive behavior is apparent, and sometimes associated with violence Hirschfeld, An initial clinical trial by Stoll et al. If you feel you need professional writing assistance contact us!Another study involved a four week treatment of bright morning light treatment for patients with seasonal affective disorder and bipolar patients.

This study found a statistically significant decrement in depressive symptoms, with the maximum antidepressant effect of light not being reached until week four (Baur, Kurtz, Rubin, and Markus, ). Nov 06,  · Bipolar disorder, also known as manic-depressive illness, is a brain disorder that causes unusual shifts in mood, energy, activity levels, and the ability to carry out day-to-day tasks (National Institutes of Health, Bipolar Disorder).

In bipolar disorder, after remission from an acute episode of mania or depression, a person is at an especially high risk of relapse for about six months. Thus, continuation and maintenance of (ongoing) therapy is often recommended as treatment for bipolar disorder.

Generally speaking, maintenance treatment of bipolar disorder continues long after symptom control has been achieved. Following diagnostic evaluation, the treating clinician must determine the optimal treatment setting in.

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Bipolar Type I & II Essay - “In the earliest days of documentation, these people were viewed as 'crazy,” possessed by the devil or demons,” Dr. Gardenswartz says in Bipolar Magazine (Stephens, ).

Treatment of bipolar disorder

Lithium has been the primary treatment of bipolar disorder since its introduction in the 's. It is main function is to stabilize the cycling characteristic of bipolar disorder.

(). Lithium is also the primary drug used for long- term maintenance of bipolar disorder. In a .

Maintenance treatment of bipolar disorder essay
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