Tapestry of grace writing aids

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In the back of the book, these same supplements are filled-in, providing examples for students to study. So glad it exists.

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Tapestry of Grace: Writing Aids

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In Natasha Warner et al. How Does This Work? Talking the Talk to Walk the Walk: Writing Aids has assignments for a great variety of genres of writing divided up for each grade level of 1stth grades.

In Catherine Evans Davies ed.Writing Aids works with both the Classic and the Redesigned versions of Tapestry of Grace.


Instructions on how to use the book are found in the Introduction. There's a scope and sequence, a highly flexible weekly schedule, a description of each feature of the program, and help for finding writing assignments in the Tapestry of Grace teacher books. Writing Aids is a comprehensive writing curriculum that can be used for grades It can be used alone, as a supplement to any other writing curriculum you are using, or along-side the full Tapestry of Grace curriculum (history and literature).

Tapestry of Grace Writing Aids: a buffet of writing ideas and resources

Writing Aids was initially designed as a writing handbook (serving both teachers and students) to complement the existing writing assignments found in the core Tapestry of Grace curriculum.

It gives both teachers and students concrete and specific direction for a wide variety of commonly taught genres and composition styles.

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Tapestry of grace writing aids
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